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The program for widows

Ebenezer New Life Centre also has a program for widows where approx. 150 widows at various ages are involved. Some of these live in small cottages in the grounds, while others live in the neighbourhood. The women meet regularly for socializing and they also have different tasks assigned to them, connected to the centre. At the corn mill they grind the corn to meal which is being used in the cooking at the centre. Local farmers with small holdings may also come and grind their corn against a small fee. The widows also tend the vegetable garden, take care of chickens and cattle at Ebenezer and some are involved in taking care of the youngest children. In addition they are doing various craft work, like making bags, baskets, blankets, etc. which they can sell at the market.

Ebenezer New Life Center has a main centre which today consists of children’s home, pre-school, primary school secondary school and program for widows.  In addition we run a centre for street boys (Tido) and a primary school (Ayweyo) some distance away from the main centre, but which is regarded as a part of Ebenezer New Life Centre.  Winnie Owiti is the leader of Ebenezer New Life Centre.

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