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Gold in the slums

The girls program «Gold in the slums, diamonds in the dust» was started in 2014 together with Heidi Bannice Ayuko, as we saw a need for guidance of young girls in the Kariobangi slum. Many of them dropped out of school at a young age to earn money through prostitution. This often led to marriages at a young age and no future prospects. 

Through guidance from social workers, distribution of hygiene articles, support to complete primary school and some support for higher education, many of the teenage girls in the slum have already had their lives changed and are being followed up very closely.

In addition to getting help for their own lives, the girls have also become involved in helping others. They are engaged in distributing sanitary products to more than 200 teenage girls in different places in Kenya, and they have been helping the population at Maseno via the health centre we are running there. We have many exciting dreams for this program and are looking forward to the future development. 

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