Roger & Shireen West 


In addition to our regular monthly support, NLM has contributed equipment, distribution of food at outreaches and in prisons, bible campaigns and much more. We have seen tens of thousands of people getting a new life through outreaches, teaching seminars and meetings with Roger and Shireen West. We are so happy that we, together with the West family, may be an answer to prayer for thousands of people!


Great work

It all started when two of our Norwegian missionaries, living in Kenya, got to know our friends Roger and Shireen. This was God’s plan and timing, as our own missionaries at that time were leaving to be transferred to other mission work. We transferred all our campaigning equipment, such as podium, cars, loud speakers and lighting equipment, which we had been using for our own outreaches in Kenya, to Roger and Shireen.

Our mission was, at this stage, moving into a new phase concerning evangelism of the unreached peoples of Africa and we could walk straight into work that God had laid ready for us to do.


Unreached peoples


We are so grateful to the Lord that we, through these wonderful people and the fantastic work that Roger and Shireen and their family do, may take part in the preaching of the gospel to unreached peoples and groups all over Africa!

Our monthly support to the work of Roger and Shireen is possible through the support of our partners! We want to recommend that you take part in this great work – we need your prayers and economical support!


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