The primary school in Kitui is our most recent project in cooperation with James and Turphosa. This is a school with approx. 90 students, but the building structure is only temporary. We are now erecting a permanent building with 8 class rooms, staff room, an office for the head master, toilets and kitchen facilities. When this is ready, the school can house approx. 350 students and the Kitui community is very happy and grateful for what is happening.




We have had a pre-school in the mountain village of Paranga since the early eighties. Today there are approx. 30 children in this school. This is the only possibility for schooling in this little village. All through the years this school has been extremely important for this place and several hundred children have been able to go to school and get a higher education.



New Life runs a pre-school and a primary school where approx. 250 children receive schooling, and not least of all; to meals every day. This may be the only food many of them get to eat all day.

Today most of the teaching happens out of doors under a couple of trees. When it rains, they squeeze together in the small, temporary clay huts next to the church. But they have hope for the future. 

The road ahead

 We have started to build a permanent school made of store and concrete. In this building, there will be a concrete floor with tiles and big, light class rooms with windows. There are big challenges, but we believe that one day the new school building will be finished and we will have a good school with all the necessary equipment for good teaching.



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