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School at Kitui 

The primary school at Kitui, «New Life Mission Hanisch School», was started in the mountain village of Kitui in 2013, in collaboration with James and Turphosa Ayuko. Today this school has almost 200 pupils.

The school started out of doors with the teaching being conducted in the shade of a couple of big trees and some simple roofing with no walls. We now have built, with support from partners, a good concrete school building with tiled floors, doors and windows. The demand for schooling is great and we need to add more class rooms and other facilities. 

Water is also a big problem in this area. They have to walk for miles to find water, which also affects the teaching and is a tremendous challenge for everybody. Therefore we are now planning to build a well and/or a tank, which will collect rain water and make life easier for the whole community. 



School at Maseno

New Life runs a pre-school and primary school in this village together with the Ayuko family. Approx. 300 children are being schooled here and not least of all, get two meals of food every day. For many of them, these are the only meals they get in the day.

In the beginning we had no building and no roof shielding them from the sun or protected them from the rain, but the need for teaching was big and the school was started under a mango tree. In 2012 we finally manage to start the building of permanent brick class rooms. We are still lacking several class rooms and there are considerable challenges, but we believe that one day the new school building will be finished and we will have a proper school with all the equipment necessary for good teaching.

Health centre


In connection with the school in Maseno we built a small health centre in 2016. It has been named after the main sponsors and is called «Per and Paula’s health centre». The Maseno population consists of 1600 adults, in addition to children and youth below 18 years. The health centre has become a great blessing for the villagers, who may now have simple needs for health care met in their own community and not have to walk for miles to get to the nearest clinic. Up to 300 children and adults may come to the health centre to get their ailments tended to on any given day, depending on which treatment is offered on that particular day. 

At times the authorities also implement more extensive treatments, like vaccination programs and testing for various diseases and this health centre then functions as a base for a large area. 

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