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Missionary work since 1978

New Life Mission – Aid was founded in August 1978 and has been doing mission- and charity work ever since. The work started in Kenya by building a childrens home for children who were in prison together with their mothers. The children were living in terrible conditions and we were unable to just watch this without getting engaged. This was the start of  a tremendous charity work in Africa, Eastern Europe and Latin America.

Over the years, New Life has transported thousands of  tons of emergency supplies to poor families and hospitals in several East European countries.

In Kenya, New Life has built, and rehabilitated, children’s homes and started pre-schools, primary schools and a high school.

In addition to this, New Life is running a center for street boys, a project for widows and a charity work among the poor in the slum. New Life has also developed several water projects in Kenya, in addition to support of children’s homes in several countries in Latin America and Eastern Europe.

New Life ha
s always worked closely with th elocal population and local resources.

The staff


David Enok Nilsen

Mision Leader

David Enok Nilsen is our new Mision Leader. He is son of Gunnar Enok Nilsen. More information about David is coming soon on this page.


Runi Rogers


Runi has studied microbiology in Holland and has worked as a research scientist for many years. She works as a secretary, which includes donor monitoring, translating and other administrative work.
She has also lived in Cape Town for a few years, and we enjoy the benefits of her language skills and cultural understanding, in addition to her analytical working method.


Vegar Mikalsen


Vegar has studied television direction at Lillehammer College. The TV programs and reportages he makes are of a very high quality, and we are extremely grateful for having such an accomplished and sought after producer on our team!


Monika Brandys

Department manager, Poland

Monika is a trained translator in Norwegian and English. She used to work as the national leader for the student mission in Poland, coordinator of volunteers at the Pentecostal church in Warsaw, and as deputy leader of the Polish school in Basilea, Switzerland. She is chairman of the board departmentmanager in New Life Mission - Aid, Poland. She is very creative and is a big resource in our international cooperation with Kenya and other European aid organizations.


Liv Randi Lindseth

Project coordinator

Liv Randi has worked with project management, project assistance and networking nationally and internationally for more than 20 years. Common to all projects is that they operate at the intersection between energy, climate, communication and education. In these projects, it has been important to get people with different professional and cultural backgrounds to collaborate effectively to achieve common goals. She has a broad knowledge and understanding of energy, energy sources, energy saving and the consequences of greenhouse gas emissions and climate change, as well as attitude creating work.


Ina Winje

Fundraiser og Prosjektkoordinator

Ina has primarily a background in patient work and project management within medicine and health. In addition, she has competence and experience with network building, attitude creating work and communication. She works with new projects and funding.


George Ochieng

Video photographer, Kenya

George is a photographer for New Life in Kenya and delivers video material from the various projects in Kenya. The work he does is very important to be able to deliver updated video reports and features from our work, and we are very happy to have George with us in our team. He also assists with video production during live broadcasts and television campaigns.

The board

Rebecca Skretteberg

Lawyer - Master in International Human Rights Laws


Tor Egil Røyland

Cand. theol. University of Oslo


Tony Gulbrandsen

Country manager Wheat Norway - Childhood Essentials


Lennarth Georg Nilsen Gryting

CEO, Furniture/ Business leadership

Our collaborators

More information is coming soon.

Contact us

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+47 92 80 80 11

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