Missionary work since 1978

New Life Mission – Aid was founded in August 1978 and has been running mission and aid for 38 years.


The work in Kenya started with the building of an orphanage for children who were in prison together with their mothers.

The children were living under terrible conditions and we were unable to watch this without getting involved. This was the starting point of great relief efforts in Africa, Eastern Europe and Latin America.  

Over the years, NL has brought thousands of tons of emergency supplies to poor families and hospitals in several East European countries. In Kenya NL has built and rehabilitated orphanages, started pre-schools, primary schools and a high school.

NL also has a centre for street boys, a project for widows and a great relief effort for the poor people in the slum. In addition NL has headed up several water projects in Kenya and sustained orphanages in several Latin American and East European countries.

NL has always worked closely with the local population and local officials.

Our vision

We wish to convey the love of God to people through words and actions.

We wish to stretch out a helping hand to the poor and the needy through local involvement, ensuring stability and sustainability.


Gunnar Enok Nilsen

Gunnar has been a part of New Life since the early beginning in 1978! He has a heart on fire for helping the outcasts, the poor and those who have nothing.
Gunnar has worked as a building entrepreneur for many years, but has always had his heart in the organization. He now works full time for New Life Mission – Aid and is also the head of the board. Gunnar is married to Gunnhild, has 4 children, 13 grandchildren and lives in Krokstadelva.


Rebecca B. Espevoll

Rebecca has training as a social worker and has contributed a lot to the organization since she started. She has worked a lot with streamlining the registration of sponsors and partners and in that way prepared for future growth of New Life.
She has also made use of her training in suggestions as to how we can improve the daily life of the children at the orphanage and how we generally can cooperate with our local co-workers, thereby increasing the sustainability of our work. Rebecca is married to Peter and is the mother of three lovely boys.


Vegar Mikalsen

Vegar has trained as a tv-producer at Høgskolen in Lillehammer. The television programs and reports Vegar produces have a very high quality and we are very grateful to have such an accomplished and sought after producer in our organization!
Vegar is married to Ingrid and lives at Skedsmokorset together with their daughters, Emma and Eva.

Media manager and tv-producer

Runi Rogers

Runi is a microbiologist and has worked as a research scientist for many years.
She has now retired, but has stepped in as a substitute for Rebecca at the office and takes care of the administration.
She studied in the Netherlands and has lived in Cape Town for a few years and the language skills come in handy at New Life.
Runi is married to Ted, has two daughters, six grandchildren and lives at Verket in Hurum.

Secretary, stand-in

Monika Brandys

Monika is a trained interpreter for Norwegian and English. She used to work as a national leader for the student mission in Poland, co-ordinator of volunteers in the Pentecostal church in Warszawa and as vice-president of the Polish school in Basile, (Switzerland). In New Life Mission, she is responsible for the Warszawa office and the co-ordination of the mission work in Poland. She lives in Warszawa with her husband Pawel and three children.  

Secretary, dept. Poland

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