In cooperation with James and Turphosa Ayuko we run, amongst other things, a pre-school and a program for distribution of food in the Kariobangi slum in Nairobi. We have worked in the Kariobangi slum since the end of the 1980s and today we have approx. 120 children in the pre-school, “Gunnhild Good Samaritan School”. The food program reaches several hundred children and their families. It is extremely important for the children to attend a pre-school, as this is the entrance ticket to further public schooling. 


The pre-school

Gunnhild Good Samaritan School is situated in the middle of the slum in Nairobi. Hundreds of thousands live here in utmost poverty. An ordinary family has very little food and maybe no work. Many of the parents are unable to pay for schooling for the children. 
New Life runs the pre-school in the slum to provide schooling for poor children and to give them a possibility of fulfilling their dreams for the future. At the same time, we know that schooling provides stable and good foundation for families and the local community.


Distribution of food in the slum

Through the work in Kariobangi we distribute food and clothes to those who need it the most. The families of the children have very little and we do our best to provide food and clothing, so that they may have a relatively good life in spite of their circumstances. 


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