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Has a new hope for the future!

One day a baby in a very bad shape arrived at Ebenezer. It was new born and had been found by the roadside with the umbilical cord still attached! There have been big medical challenges with a serious pneumonia frequent needs for oxygen.

We in New Life are so happy that we have been able to send some extra money, so that this little child got the help it needed and has been able to grow up. Today this child has reached the age of 6 years. The child is now in good health and is physically active, in addition to being extremely smart with coming top of the class at the final exam at the preschool!

Every year some babies move into the baby department at Ebenezer orphanage. These are children who, for various reasons, have been abandoned by their parents. They were born into this world with the lowest odds possible for survival, but because of the love and help they receive from our fantastic Ebenezer family, they have hope and the opportunity of survival!

The pictures show some of the happy children who have grown up at the orphanage and who now have completed preschool and passed the exam. They are now ready to start grade one at the primary school and are proudly showing off their diploma =)

NB! For privacy reasons we do not specify the identity or the gender of the child we describe. We also do not specify whether or not the person appears in the photographs.


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