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Fantastic Christmas celebration at Ebenezer!

MEMORABLE CELEBRATION: The children enjoyed themselves during the Christmas celebration at the Ebenezer children’s home this!

Once more New Life, together with all partners, sponsors and donors have been instrumental in making the Christmas celebration a reality! Thanks to all support, the children have once more celebrated Christmas with extra tasty food and gifts. This is a holiday which the children look forward to all year!

The Christmas celebration at Ebenezer has developed into an event which really makes an impression and creates good memories for both small ones and big ones at Ebenezer. Once more we have been able to give the children some memorable days during Christmas with something extra. Why is this so important? In addition to food, clothes and care, Jesus is the central figure in everything that we do! Our top priority is Love through Action. Therefore, it is important for New Life to give the children enjoyable experiences, memories and values that will leave their marks in their lives, not just årpvide the necessary material things which we also work for on a daily basis. All children, also the oneas at Ebenezer in Kenya, appreciate having something to look forward to.

Together we are an answer to prayers Together we can make a difference and transform lives! Through the annual Christmas celebration, the children feel extra appreciated. It is tremendously exciting for them to open their very own present. They remove the wrapping paper with great ecxpectaion and are very excited to see what is inside. This is a big deal! Whether you are a regular partner, sponsor or have given a gift once: Thank you for your support for the Christmas celelbration! And thank you for your contribution to making this possible! It gives the children hope and joy in their everyday life. Thank you!

Greeting from Ebenezer "During Christmas time, you bring money to organize a wonderful event for the children, they eat continetal breakfast and heavy meals at lunch time, night and throughout the week. Children are happy to receive their gifts. We gave the widows and staff some gifts from the container."

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