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Gunnar Enok Nilsen

On Thursday, 16. June 2022 our beloved mission leader, Gunnar Enok Nilsen, went to heaven, after a rapid cancer disease. The loss is huge, but his family members confirm through his great calmness as he took his last breath, that he is in a better place now. Gunnar Enok has lived a life which deserves great respect. His caring and helping hands have stretched out far beyond his family and country borders. He has been involved in diverse activities in New Life Mission – Aid from the very beginning of the organization in 1978 and has been the mission’s leader since 2000. He did all that on top of being the master carpenter with up to 100 employees. For the last 10 years we had the privilege of having him as a full-time leader in the organization. On the 28th of January he was decorated with the King’s Medal of Merit in recognition of his engagement in New Life Mission – Aid. Gunnar Enok has always used every opportunity, as much in his professional as in his private life, to tell others about the orphaned children who need a mother and a father. Whether he was having a conversation with some business partners, friends or in a church setting, he would always challenge people around him to show others love in action. His great commitment was contagious to many who were around. Thank You for everything You have done and how much You have meant for children, youth and adults, families and widows in Kenya, Eastern Europe, and Latin America in 44 years of Your life, Gunnar Enok. Thank You for being such a committed and caring mission leader, who treated both sponsors, volunteers, partners, employees and board members with great respect and humility. You have always had a serving attitude and have been involved in everything from huge projects to collection of secondhand clothes or necessary medical equipment. You have proved an amazing work capacity and offered a lot of Your free time to help others around You. You were always the last one to leave the office or to finish loading up trailers with goods. You had an exemplary servant heart and were a very generous, efficient, and creative organizer and leader. Your tireless involvement and burning eagerness have changed lives of thousands of people, and we can only guess how many of them call You “Papa Gunnar”. We are deeply touched. You have done everything You were able to do to live out the New Life’s motto, which has always also been Your personal motto; “Love is action!” Thank You for everything, and till we meet again! We will continue to follow the path You have stepped out for us, and we will do our best to take care of Your huge legacy. - Board and the Employees


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