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40th anniversary 2018

THE BEGINNING: Gunnar Johansen, Henry Kransberg og Gunnar Enok Nilsen


New Life was first registered in August 1978 as a mission under the Maran Ata movement with the name: Maran Ata New Life Misjon. Later the misson was registered as an independent interdenominational aid organization named: New Life Mission. We now also use the name New Life Mission – Aid, as aid work is a big part of our engagement, but usually just shortened to New Life.

During the first years the mission was led jointly by Henry Kransberg and Gunnar Johansen, with Gunnar Enok Nilsen as cashier. After a few years Henry took over the sole leadership and Gunnar Enok was second in command. At the mid-1990s Gunnar Enok took over as leader, as Henry became seriously ill during a missionary journey in Kenya. Henry died in 2000. Gunnar Enok has been the leader for the last 23 years and still is, together with a competent staff, board members and volunteers.

Many people have contributed over the years. Many names could have been mentioned, but to avoid leaving anybody out, we just want to thank everybody who has contributed to the growth of the mission, to all that the mission has done, and still does, for people in need.

Gunnar Enok and Henry worked together for many years.

The King’s Medal of Honour

New Life Mission has also been appreciated by His Majesty the King, who through the County Governor in Buskerud and the Mayor of Nedre Eiker handed Gunnar Enok Nilsen the King’s Medal of Honour for the work that has been done for 40 years.

It was a great honour and received with great humility. This is not just a recognition of Gunnar Enok personally, But of the entire great work of New Life Mission - Aid.

Gunnar Enok said in his acceptance speech: «This medal of honour does not only belong to me, but to all of those who were part of starting up this work and to the people around me. A special thanks to my wife, Gunnhild, and the children. Without their support I would not have been able to be as fully engaged as I have been. A big thank you also to all who have been part of this great work, not least of all co-workers, friends of the mission and partners. Without people joining forces with us, it would not be possible to run this great work, but together with all of you, we have been answers to prayers for people in need. We can, together with all of you and the co-workers who have gone home ahead of us, rejoice in this honour and that the mission has received recognition from the highest authority».

Anniversary gift

Love is action! New Life is experiencing exciting, but also challenging, times. I hope and pray that you will continue to stand with us. We are unable to fulfil this great mission all by ourselves, but together we can move mountains – together we give people hope for the future! At this centennial, turning 40 years, we had plans to have a big celebration. The mission would have deserved that. However, the economic challenges are huge right now, both for the daily running of the schools and orphanage, and for new school buildings, new dorms at the orphanage and much, much more, so that we have decided to postpone the celebration till later. So, instead of a celebration, we choose to available money for our projects. We thank you for your understanding. Do you want to give an anniversary gift to New Life Mission- Aid? We want you to know that every amount, big or small, will be very welcome and be a big blessing for the mission. Together we are answers to prayer for people in need – together we save lives. THANK YOU! Click here to give your anniversary gift


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