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Silas Owiti has been promoted to glory!


In January we received the sad message that our dear collaborator for almost 30 years, Silas Owiti, has been promoted to glory. It was with great sorrow we got the message that brother Silas had died, although not unexpected, as he has been sick for a long time Silas Owiti, pastor, bishop and archbishop, But foremost: Papa Silas.

We know that he will be greatly missed by thousands of people in the hundreds of churches he founded and led throughout Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

We have had the immense pleasure and honour to cooperate with brother Silas and his wife, Winnie Owiti, through many, many years. We have seen thousands of children saved from a life in misery through the children’s home Ebenezer new Life Centre, through the schools at Ebenezer and at Ayweyo, and not least of all through the centre for street boys, TIDO and the widows program.

Working with Silas has always been a joy and an inspiration. He was a great man of God with a steadfast faith in what he preached and who always started his sermons with: "God is the same yesterday, today and forevermore!" He had a great God, an almighty and good God. This was evident both in his preaching and in his life.

Silas Owiti was a man who lived New Life Mission’s slogan: " Love Is Action!" He was a man of action who loved his fellow men. He had a great heart and care for the poor and especially for the orphaned children.

We are proud and grateful for having been part of his inner circle of friends and a partner with him and Winnie Owiti for many years.

We are also grateful that we may still be a blessing in this great work that was starte together with him and mama Winnie.

We pray for strength and power for Winnie Owiti and the whole of the big family, all the children at the children’s home, at the schools and in the churches.

We are happy that we may continue the work in the same spirit through archbishop and leader, Winnie Owiti, who most of all is mama Winnie to hundreds of orphans.

We give hommage and proclaim peace over our dear brother Silas Owiti and say; WE’LL MEET AGAIN!

For New Life Mission- Aid

Gunnar Enok Nilsen

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