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Little Steve: - I am no longer hungry

SCHOOL: Steve was one of the lucky ones who got accepted into Ayweyo-New Life Primary school and today he is happy.

Little Steve was roaming the streets. He had lost his father and his mother was unable to provide for him and give him the food that he needed, so, from early in the morning, he was always searching the rubbish dump to find something to eat. It was not easy because the competition was fierce and many of the other people there were bigger and stronger than him, so when it came to a fight over the food, Steve usually had to give way. Schooling, school uniform and books were not on the cards because the mother barely managed to keep herself and her boy alive. If Steve had not found food on the rubbish dump for himself and his mother, they would not have survived. One day Steve heard of a school that was going to be opened in the neighbourhood, which was going to take care of children who were not able to go to school for economic reasons, amongst other things. He was one of the lucky ones who got accepted into Ayweyo-New Life Primary school and today he is happy. In his own words: «I do not only get teaching, but I also get two meals every day! Now I am no longer hungry and I get schooling, so that I can be educated. My dream is to become and engineer! » Together with Steve there are several hundred other children playing happily during the break times and in earnest work during class. They know that education is the key to a prosperous life. At the same time, he is happy to be taken care of as a child, be able to be free to play and not have to spend all his energy fighting for survival from day to day. Now he can see a future! He is thanking New Life Mission, all the partners, mama Winnie, and not least of all Jesus, for this opportunity. He says proudly: «One day I will be giving back and helping the local community and my country. There are many such stories that could be told about children who have been given a new life at Ayweyo school and all the other schools run by New Life Mission. This is possible because you help us. Thank you for joining us in giving hope for the future to these children! Do you want to read more about what is happening at New Life? Go to our web site: If you want to give a gift to the work, we are very grateful – the needs are great. Our bank account number is: IBAN:NO 57 78740655867 SWIFT CODE/BIC CODE: DNBANOKK Thank you so much! God bless!

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