Best in the Kisumu District in the National Exam



ON NATIONAL TV: One of the students at Ebenezer came second best in all of the Western part of Kenya in the National Exam. This was published in national television in Kenya.




Great things are happening at Ebenezer! One of our students, Nicole Songe, got 441 out of a total of 500 points in tha national exam. This exam is taken by students all over the country (Kenya Certificate of Primary Education Exams) at the end of the 8th grade. She was the best student in the Kisumu District, and the second best inthe whole of Western Kenya!


The students had to do their exam during the time of political unrest, with shootings and teargas in the air. Nicole's achievement was published on national tv. Michelle, another student, got 420 points out of 500. The best student in Kenya got 455 Points Our of 500.

Many students from Ebenezer go on to higher education at colleges and universities. We wish to thank all our donors and partners who are with us! When we read this news, we know that the help is reaching the ones who need it the most!

Children and young people get a new start in life with opportunities they could only dream of.Thank you for your support!




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